For you and everyone you care about

Family packages

  • Secure storage for you and your family
  • Upload photos from your smartphone to the cloud
  • Plan everyday life together with appointment overviews and tasks
  • Everyone has their own calendar & private storage
  • Overseas tech companies get no access

For your company and all who belong to it

Team packages

  • Maximum performance through dedicated server resources
  • Regular backups of your data included
  • Adapts to your corporate design
  • Grows with your business up to 200 users
  • ISO27001 certified and DSGVO compliant

Most Asked FAQ's

  • How is data security ensured with the storage share?

    The file system tolerates several simultaneous hard disk failures and as soon as minimal irregularities occur, these are immediately replaced, which means that the probability of failure is very low. In addition, a file system is used which checks the consistency of the data via checksums and automatically corrects errors. The databases of the instances are used in a cluster network, which means that a complete failure of these is also very unlikely. If the data is then also synchronized with the local computer via client software, at least one copy is also on your computer.

  • Can I change a booked package later?

    Yes, you can upgrade your booked package at any time in your account.

  • How long does the contract last?

    We offer you a fair contract period of one month. The notice period is one day.

  • How to cancel my contract?

    You can cancel at any time before the end of the billing period via the customer interface. A cancellation by fax or even registered mail is not necessary with us.

  • Where is my data stored?

    We run your managed cloud exclusively on our trusted partners servers in his data centers in Aachen, Nuremberg and Frankfurt.
  • Which Nextcloud apps do you support?

    2FA, Activity Overview, Appointments, AppOrder, Bookmarks, Files, Deck, Extract, Forms, Photos, Group Folders, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Notes, ONLYOFFICE, Passwords, Talk, Tasks and Collabora (exclusive Team Packages)

  • Can I edit Office documents online?

    Yes, in all our plans you can use the free Community Document Server together with the ONLYOFFICE app to edit your Office documents.
  • How many user can edit the same file with OnlyOffice?

    All users that you can set up according to the package scope.

  • Can I chat and videoconference in Nextcloud?

    In all plans, you can chat and make voice calls via the Talk app at any time. For video chats, we recommend the team plans.

  • Do you support end-to-end encryption?

    Yes, the End-to-End Encryption app is available. For more information on how to set it up, check out our blog.

  • Do you make updates?

    We will keep your own cloud up to date to protect you data!

  • Can I use my own domain?

    Yes, with our Team plans you can use your own domain, even if it has not been booked with us.

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