Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Protect your data – Protect your business – Make it simple

Our Mission

Helping to get your data back under control – As a customer, you should have full control over your data and there are no ifs and buts about it.

Our Values

Privacy – We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right of a secure communication. It’s the main motivation behind all our solutions.

User friendly – We honor people’s time and mental load. That is why your privat cloud is easy to use.

Trust – We trust each other to have shared goals and make decisions based on it. This enables remote and flexible work and decentralized, collaborative decision making over most things.

Who We Are

We work hard to help you do your job well, to protect your data.

With a clear user interface, a reliable system and advanced features, we take the burden off administrators. We give you time to deal with the things that really matter: Your project, your customers, your team.

We listen because you have the best ideas. After all, you use our products every day. We always appreciate your feedback. When we create new services, we sincerely invite you to test them in advance. That’s how we work together to make sure every product is perfectly aligned.

You are important to us.

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Our Solution

Shared load – is the highest availability. With us, you can distribute data loads evenly across several servers. We guarantee shortest access times, highest reliability and best consulting. Together with you we develop a configuration that is optimised for the performance requirements of your project. Because delays cost time and money.

Your customers won’t come back later. Therefore you need an accessibility for your systems that is predictable. Therefore expressed in numbers: We offer you 99.999 percent availability. Real and calculated on a yearly basis. We achieve this with parallel hosting at three geographically distributed locations in Germany. Because we make no compromises when it comes to your accessibility.


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